Dominic Purcell
Follow Dominic Purcell

Lincoln Burrows (76 episodes)

Wentworth Miller
Follow Wentworth Miller

Michael Scofield (76 episodes)

Amaury Nolasco
Follow Amaury Nolasco

Fernando Sucre (76 episodes)

Robert Knepper
Follow Robert Knepper

Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell (76 episodes)

Sarah Wayne Callies
Follow Sarah Wayne Callies

Dr. Sara Tancredi (66 episodes)

Wade Williams
Follow Wade Williams

Brad Bellick (65 episodes)

William Fichtner
Follow William Fichtner

Alex Mahone (55 episodes)

Paul Adelstein
Follow Paul Adelstein

Paul Kellerman (44 episodes)

Marshall Allman
Follow Marshall Allman

LJ Burrows (43 episodes)

Silas Weir Mitchell
Follow Silas Weir Mitchell

Charles Patoshik (43 episodes)

Rockmond Dunbar
Follow Rockmond Dunbar

Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin (39 episodes)

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
Follow Jodi Lyn O'Keefe

Gretchen Morgan (33 episodes)

Susan B. Anthony

Leon Russom
Follow Leon Russom

General Jonathan Krantz (27 episodes)

Stacy Keach
Follow Stacy Keach

Warden Henry Pope (23 episodes)

Henry Pope

Robin Tunney
Follow Robin Tunney

Veronica Donovan (22 episodes)

Michael Rapaport
Follow Michael Rapaport

Don Self (21 episodes)

Peter Stormare
Follow Peter Stormare

John Abruzzi (21 episodes)

Phillip Edward Van Lear
Follow Phillip Edward Van Lear

Louis Patterson (21 episodes)

Muse Watson
Follow Muse Watson

Charles Westmoreland (19 episodes)

Barbara Eve Harris
Follow Barbara Eve Harris

FBI Agent Felicia Lang (18 episodes)

Jason Davis
Follow Jason Davis

FBI Agent Wheeler (18 episodes)

Patricia Wettig
Follow Patricia Wettig

Vice President Caroline Reynolds (18 episodes)

Woman Cutting Garlic

President Caroline Reynolds

Vice President of the United States

Menacing Woman in Kitchen

Woman Cutting Vegetables

Christian Stolte
Follow Christian Stolte

Corrections Officer Keith Stolte (18 episodes)

Frank Grillo
Follow Frank Grillo

Nick Savrinn (17 episodes)

Reggie Lee
Follow Reggie Lee

Bill Kim (17 episodes)

Matt DeCaro
Follow Matt DeCaro

Corrections Officer Roy Geary (15 episodes)

Roy Geary

Lane Garrison
Follow Lane Garrison

David Apolskis (15 episodes)

Danay Garcia
Follow Danay Garcia

Sofia Lugo (14 episodes)

Mac Brandt
Follow Mac Brandt

Corrections Officer Mack Andrews Andrews (14 episodes)

Corrections Officer Mack Andrews

Chris Vance
Follow Chris Vance

James Whistler (13 episodes)

Follow Danny McCarthy

Daniel Hale (13 episodes)

DuShon Monique Brown
Follow DuShon Monique Brown

Nurse Katie Welch (13 episodes)

Robert Wisdom
Follow Robert Wisdom

Lechero (12 episodes)

Carlo Alban
Follow Carlo Alban

McGrady (12 episodes)

Scott Challgren
Follow Scott Challgren

Sona Inmate #143 (12 episodes)

Shannon Lucio
Follow Shannon Lucio

Trishanne (11 episodes)

Miriam Holtz

Laurence Mason
Follow Laurence Mason

Sammy (10 episodes)

Callie Thorne
Follow Callie Thorne

Pam Mahone (10 episodes)

Cress Williams
Follow Cress Williams

Wyatt (9 episodes)

Stacy Haiduk
Follow Stacy Haiduk

Lisa Tabak (9 episodes)

Camille Guaty
Follow Camille Guaty

Maricruz Delgado (9 episodes)

Joe Nunez
Follow Joe Nunez

Manche Sanchez (9 episodes)

John Heard
Follow John Heard

Governor Frank Tancredi (9 episodes)

Wilbur Fitzgerald
Follow Wilbur Fitzgerald

Bruce Bennett (9 episodes)

Follow Helena Klevorn

Dede Franklin (9 episodes)

Mark Morettini
Follow Mark Morettini

Correctional Officer Rizzo Green (9 episodes)

C.O. Rizzo Green

Dan Sachoff
Follow Dan Sachoff

Krantz's Aide (8 episodes)

Davi Jay
Follow Davi Jay

Papo (8 episodes)

Cynthia Kaye McWilliams
Follow Cynthia Kaye McWilliams

Kacee Franklin (8 episodes)

Kaycee Franklin


Steve M. Clark
Follow Steve M. Clark

Illinois State Trooper (8 episodes)

Utah Highway Patrolman

Garden Visitor

Tribune Kansas Police Officer

Cook County Sheriff

Arizona Deputy Sheriff

Illinois State Police

Michelle Forbes
Follow Michelle Forbes

Samantha Brinker (7 episodes)

James Hiroyuki Liao
Follow James Hiroyuki Liao

Roland Glenn (7 episodes)

Kathleen Quinlan
Follow Kathleen Quinlan

Christina Rose Scofield (7 episodes)

Christina Scofield Rose

Anthony John Denison
Follow Anthony John Denison

Aldo Burrows (7 episodes)

Crystal Mantecon
Follow Crystal Mantecon

Sister Mary Francis (7 episodes)


Follow Anthony Fleming

Trumpets (7 episodes)

Jennifer Joan Taylor
Follow Jennifer Joan Taylor

Becky (7 episodes)

Javon Johnson
Follow Javon Johnson

C.O. JJ (7 episodes)

Ad Seg C.O.

Frisk Room C.O.

C.O. #1

Michael Bryan French
Follow Michael Bryan French

Gregory White (6 episodes)

Ted King
Follow Ted King

Downey (6 episodes)

Ron Yuan
Follow Ron Yuan

Feng Huan (6 episodes)

K.K. Dodds
Follow K.K. Dodds

Susan Hollander (6 episodes)

Curtis Wayne
Follow Curtis Wayne

Cheo (6 episodes)

Joseph Melendez
Follow Joseph Melendez

Rafael (6 episodes)

Holly Valance
Follow Holly Valance

Nika Volek (6 episodes)

Dylan Minnette
Follow Dylan Minnette

Young Michael (6 episodes)

Young Michael Scofield

Steven Chester Prince
Follow Steven Chester Prince

Agent Blondie (6 episodes)

Robert F. Cawley
Follow Robert F. Cawley

Airline Passenger (6 episodes)

Hospital Patient

Cafe Patron

Train Passenger

Bus Passenger


Tom Lowell
Follow Tom Lowell

Cronie (6 episodes)

Cronie #1

Chris Nolte
Follow Chris Nolte

Abruzzi Cronie (6 episodes)

Follow David Dino Wells Jr.

Trumpets Right-hand Man (6 episodes)

Rioting Inmate



Tim Krueger
Follow Tim Krueger

Lawyer (6 episodes)

Secret Service Agent



James Zahn
Follow James Zahn

Psych Ward Inmate (6 episodes)


Inmate #4

John Stacho
Follow John Stacho

Desert Storm soldier (6 episodes)

Secret Service Agent

Courtroom Reporter

Protestor Fox River Penitentiary

County Sheriff K-9

Governors Aid

Kim Coates
Follow Kim Coates

Richard Sullins (5 episodes)

Raphael Sbarge
Follow Raphael Sbarge

Ralph Becker (5 episodes)

Kurt Caceres
Follow Kurt Caceres

Hector Avila (5 episodes)

Steve Tom
Follow Steve Tom

Stuart Tuxhorn (5 episodes)

Regan Licciardello
Follow Regan Licciardello

Emily Morgan (5 episodes)

John S. Davies
Follow John S. Davies

Elliott Pike (5 episodes)

Elliot Pike

Follow Rich Komenich

Maggio (5 episodes)

Danielle Campbell
Follow Danielle Campbell

Gracey Hollander (5 episodes)

Follow Mo Deja

Captain Pumales (5 episodes)

Panama Guard

Capitan Pumales

Military Officer

Military Guard

Quinn Wermeling
Follow Quinn Wermeling

Zack Hollander (5 episodes)

Graham McTavish
Follow Graham McTavish

Ferguson (4 episodes)

Al Sapienza
Follow Al Sapienza

Philly Falzone (4 episodes)

Heather McComb
Follow Heather McComb

Rita Morgan (4 episodes)

Follow Peter J. Reineman

Gus Fiorello (4 episodes)

Dameon Clarke
Follow Dameon Clarke

Andrew Blauner (4 episodes)

Manny Rubio
Follow Manny Rubio

Nieves (4 episodes)

Kristin Malko
Follow Kristin Malko

Debra Jean Belle (4 episodes)

Follow Carlos Compean

Colonel Escamilla (4 episodes)

Kevin Sizemore
Follow Kevin Sizemore

Harlan (4 episodes)

Follow Daniel Allar

Avocado (4 episodes)

Follow Rachel Loera

Theresa Delgado (4 episodes)

Anthony Starke
Follow Anthony Starke

Sebastian Balfour (4 episodes)

Diana Scarwid
Follow Diana Scarwid

Jeanette Owens (4 episodes)

Follow Zachary Friedman

Cameron Mahone (4 episodes)

Wesley Walker
Follow Wesley Walker

Aryan Brother (4 episodes)


Joe Holt
Follow Joe Holt

Stash (4 episodes)


Tom McElroy
Follow Tom McElroy

Reverend Mailor (4 episodes)

Chapel Priest

Christian Bowman
Follow Christian Bowman

Agent King (4 episodes)

ND Cell Agent

ND Agent

Jennifer Kern
Follow Jennifer Kern

Allison Hale (4 episodes)

Follow Max Kirsch

Young Lincoln Burrows (4 episodes)

Young Lincoln

Follow Antoine McKay

C.O. Antoine Roy (4 episodes)


Follow Jeffrey S. Parkerson

Federal Agent (4 episodes)


Washington DC Police Officer

Jennifer Toppan
Follow Jennifer Toppan

FBI Agent (4 episodes)

Crime Scene Investigator


Bob Fanucchi
Follow Bob Fanucchi

Auto Shop Manager (4 episodes)

Man on Bicycle

Jeff Perry
Follow Jeff Perry

Terrence Steadman (3 episodes)

Jessalyn Gilsig
Follow Jessalyn Gilsig

Lisa Rix (3 episodes)

Michael O'Neill
Follow Michael O'Neill

Herb Stanton (3 episodes)

Jude Ciccolella
Follow Jude Ciccolella

Howard Scuderi (3 episodes)

Julio Cedillo
Follow Julio Cedillo

General Mestas (3 episodes)

Reynaldo Gallegos
Follow Reynaldo Gallegos

Cristobel (3 episodes)

F.J. Rio
Follow F.J. Rio

Augusto (3 episodes)

Alexandra Lydon
Follow Alexandra Lydon

Ann Owens (3 episodes)

Alex Fernandez
Follow Alex Fernandez

Captain Hurtado (3 episodes)

Shaun Duke
Follow Shaun Duke

Griffin Oren (3 episodes)

John Billingsley
Follow John Billingsley

Terrence Steadman (3 episodes)

Alec Rayme
Follow Alec Rayme

Cyrus (3 episodes)

Anthony Escobar
Follow Anthony Escobar

Grave Digger (3 episodes)

Follow Gustavo Mellado

Alphonso Gallego (3 episodes)

Alfonso Gallego

Follow Nathan Castaneda

Sancho (3 episodes)


Korey Simeone
Follow Korey Simeone

Techie (3 episodes)


Follow Ora Jones

Wendy (3 episodes)

Follow Jason Wells

Bo - White Cap (3 episodes)


Follow Laura Wade

Syd, Tattoo Artist (3 episodes)

Mike Seal
Follow Mike Seal

Octavio (3 episodes)

Octavio - Inmate #3

Michael Vieau
Follow Michael Vieau

Christopher Trokey (3 episodes)

Follow Blaine Hogan

Seth (3 episodes)

Gianni Russo
Follow Gianni Russo

Gavin Smallhouse (3 episodes)

Brad Hawkins
Follow Brad Hawkins

Tough Guy #2 (3 episodes)

Cop #2

Kelly O'Neil Jackson
Follow Kelly O'Neil Jackson

Transport Guard (3 episodes)

Courthouse C.O.

Follow Brian Nicholas

Courthouse Attorney (3 episodes)

FBI Agent

Dr. Erik Stammel

Randy Herman
Follow Randy Herman

Fishermen (3 episodes)

Kurt Naebig
Follow Kurt Naebig

C.O. Ray (3 episodes)

C.O. Kurt

C.O. #1

Ron Bath
Follow Ron Bath

Ticket Agent (3 episodes)

Bus Station Traveler

Airport Traveler

Follow Robin Robinson

TV Reporter (3 episodes)

News Reporter


Follow William Nero Sr.

Police Officer (3 episodes)

Zachary Hopkins
Follow Zachary Hopkins

Concerned Citizen (3 episodes)

Larry Jack Dotson
Follow Larry Jack Dotson

Recovering Addict (3 episodes)


Todd Peters
Follow Todd Peters

State Trooper (3 episodes)

House Buying Husband

Follow Lindsey Nero

Prison Visitor (3 episodes)

Haley Nero
Follow Haley Nero

Agent Hale's Daughter (3 episodes)

Child in the Field

Follow Brent Allen Caputo

Secret Service (3 episodes)

K-9 Unit Officer

Courtroom Attendee

John Quilico
Follow John Quilico

Inmate (3 episodes)


PI Inmate

Anthony Azizi
Follow Anthony Azizi

Naveen Banarjee (2 episodes)

Kaley Cuoco
Follow Kaley Cuoco

Sasha (2 episodes)

Ivar Brogger
Follow Ivar Brogger

Vincent Sandinsky (2 episodes)

Titus Welliver
Follow Titus Welliver

Scott (2 episodes)

The Representative

Mark Pellegrino
Follow Mark Pellegrino

Patrick Vikan (2 episodes)

Mark Harelik
Follow Mark Harelik

Marty Gregg (2 episodes)

Kevin Dunn
Follow Kevin Dunn

Cooper Green (2 episodes)

Kristin Lehman
Follow Kristin Lehman

Jane Phillips (2 episodes)

Dominic Keating
Follow Dominic Keating

Andrew Tyge (2 episodes)

Tina Holmes
Follow Tina Holmes

Kristine Kellerman (2 episodes)

Marc Macaulay
Follow Marc Macaulay

Mr. Ives (2 episodes)

José Zúñiga
Follow José Zúñiga

Coyote (2 episodes)

Follow Mike Jones

Darius (2 episodes)

Troy Ruptash
Follow Troy Ruptash

Jasper (2 episodes)

Romy Rosemont
Follow Romy Rosemont

Detective Kathryn Slattery (2 episodes)

Karl Makinen
Follow Karl Makinen

Derek Sweeney (2 episodes)

Follow Ranjit Chowdhry

Dr. Marvin Gudat (2 episodes)

Adina Porter
Follow Adina Porter

Leticia Barris (2 episodes)

Summer Selby
Follow Summer Selby

Prosecutor (2 episodes)

Brandon Smith
Follow Brandon Smith

Ed Pavelka (2 episodes)

Warden Ed Pavelka

Follow Sean Hennigan

Judge (2 episodes)

Castulo Guerra
Follow Castulo Guerra

General Zavala (2 episodes)

Tom Choi
Follow Tom Choi

Feng's Driver (2 episodes)

Deanna Dunagan
Follow Deanna Dunagan

Judy Pope (2 episodes)

Tara Karsian
Follow Tara Karsian

Georgie (2 episodes)

Tracy Letts
Follow Tracy Letts

Peter Tucci (2 episodes)

Andrew Rothenberg
Follow Andrew Rothenberg

Sklar (2 episodes)

Jamison Haase
Follow Jamison Haase

Damani (2 episodes)

Daniel J. Travanti
Follow Daniel J. Travanti

President Richard Mills (2 episodes)

Joe Inscoe
Follow Joe Inscoe

Lyle Sands (2 episodes)

David Stokey
Follow David Stokey

Junior Attorney (2 episodes)

Michael Gaston
Follow Michael Gaston

Quinn (2 episodes)

Andra Fuller
Follow Andra Fuller

Trey (2 episodes)

Kelvin Han Yee
Follow Kelvin Han Yee

Doctor (2 episodes)

Company Surgeon

Follow John Sanderford

Nathaniel Edison (2 episodes)

Carolyn Wickwire
Follow Carolyn Wickwire

Bellick's Mom (2 episodes)

Armando Leduc
Follow Armando Leduc

Menjavar (2 episodes)

Follow Joel Hatch

Judge Randall Kessler (2 episodes)

Carlos Sanchez
Follow Carlos Sanchez

Guard #1 (2 episodes)

J.D. Evermore
Follow J.D. Evermore

Woody (2 episodes)

Maurice Ripke
Follow Maurice Ripke

Petey Cordero (2 episodes)

Sara Jane Henriques
Follow Sara Jane Henriques

Flora (2 episodes)

Follow Alan T. Coleman

Lechero's Man #2 (2 episodes)


Justin Meeks
Follow Justin Meeks

Pilot (2 episodes)

Follow Wayne Dehart

Vagrant (2 episodes)

Rolando Boyce
Follow Rolando Boyce

Cop #1 (2 episodes)


Follow Dell Johnson

IDOC Captain (2 episodes)

Chris Nelson Norris
Follow Chris Nelson Norris

Military Limo Driver (2 episodes)

Follow Jacqueline Williams

Special Agent Tangrin (2 episodes)

Special Agent Tangrin 'Sue Parsons'

Luis Rolon
Follow Luis Rolon

Military Guard #2 (2 episodes)

Follow Tab Baker

Crab Simmons (2 episodes)

Paul T. Taylor
Follow Paul T. Taylor

Government Spook (2 episodes)

Standing Guard

Michael Cudlitz
Follow Michael Cudlitz

Correctional Officer Robert 'Bob' Hudson (2 episodes)

Matthew Tompkins
Follow Matthew Tompkins

Leon (2 episodes)

Edrick Browne
Follow Edrick Browne

County Sheriff (2 episodes)

County Guard

Howie Johnson
Follow Howie Johnson

Lukasz (2 episodes)


Follow Robert Newell

Gringo #2 (2 episodes)


Follow Cedric Young

Choppy - Sick Bay Con #2 (2 episodes)


Tim Taylor
Follow Tim Taylor

English Tourist (2 episodes)

Follow Scott Jaeck

Trenchcoat (2 episodes)

Alan Wilder
Follow Alan Wilder

Reverend Mailor (2 episodes)

Prison Chaplain

Sky Soleil
Follow Sky Soleil

Colorado Cop (2 episodes)

Steve Barnes
Follow Steve Barnes

Agent Drucker (2 episodes)

Follow Vince Davis

Dr. Silas (2 episodes)


Follow John McIntosh

Doctor #2 (2 episodes)


Gocha Chertkoev
Follow Gocha Chertkoev

Russian Inmate (2 episodes)

Russian Dude

Jay Whittaker
Follow Jay Whittaker

Sweatsuit (2 episodes)

Commander Meyers

Scott Edward Logan
Follow Scott Edward Logan

Car Cop (2 episodes)

Flavio Hinojosa
Follow Flavio Hinojosa

Junkie (2 episodes)

Mess Worker

Sam Medina
Follow Sam Medina

Inmate #2 (2 episodes)

Knuckle Up Dude

Follow Philip Rayburn Smith

Adrian Rix (2 episodes)

Damon Carney
Follow Damon Carney

Mysterious Man (2 episodes)


John Lister
Follow John Lister

R & D Officer (2 episodes)

Lea Coco
Follow Lea Coco

C.O. Coco (2 episodes)

C.O. #2

Follow Wyndll Robertson

Tower Guard (2 episodes)

Russell Reynolds
Follow Russell Reynolds

Fed #1 (2 episodes)

FBI Agent

Follow Lester Kevin Senor

C.O. Kevin (2 episodes)

Starla Osburn
Follow Starla Osburn

Presidential Supporter (2 episodes)


Lawrence Varnado
Follow Lawrence Varnado

C.O. #1 (2 episodes)

Constable Itzuris

Follow Charles Assiff

Dock Worker (2 episodes)

Cop in Hardware Store

Gary Houston
Follow Gary Houston

Suit #2 (2 episodes)

Follow John Johns

Techie (2 episodes)

Follow James McCammond

Cell Mate (2 episodes)

Another Goon

Follow Ray Frewen

Suit #1 (2 episodes)

Follow Cliff Frazier

Orderly (2 episodes)

Follow Jimmy Daniels

Oscar Shales (2 episodes)

Jeffrey Schmidt
Follow Jeffrey Schmidt

Reporter #2 (2 episodes)

Reporter #1

Bradley Johnson
Follow Bradley Johnson

ND Agent #2 (2 episodes)

Volunteer #2

Follow Terry Berner

Electrician (2 episodes)

Follow John Weeks

FBI Agent (2 episodes)

Deputy Sheriff

Follow T.J. Jagodowski

Pilot (2 episodes)

Estella Perez
Follow Estella Perez

Recovering Addict (2 episodes)

Follow Jonathan Samuels

Inmate (2 episodes)

Chuck Wagner
Follow Chuck Wagner

Dayplayer (2 episodes)

John Elliott
Follow John Elliott

ND Agent #2 (2 episodes)


Dennis Janiske
Follow Dennis Janiske

Inmate (2 episodes)

Nick Doetsch
Follow Nick Doetsch

Licoln's double (2 episodes)

Abruzzi's Ex-Thug

Brandon DeShazer
Follow Brandon DeShazer

Young Inmate (2 episodes)

Chris Papadopoulos
Follow Chris Papadopoulos

Inmate (2 episodes)

Inmate #2

Follow Matt Dworzanczyk

Priest (2 episodes)

Follow Joyce Thurston

Baseball Field Patron (2 episodes)

Prison Vistor

Follow Randall Jones

Secret Service Agent (2 episodes)


January Stern
Follow January Stern

News Reporter (2 episodes)

Follow Jim Moore

Sheriff (2 episodes)

Vendor at Baseball Game

Marshall Manesh
Follow Marshall Manesh

Nandu Banerjee (1 episodes)

David Parker
Follow David Parker

Trucker (1 episodes)

Daniel Zacapa
Follow Daniel Zacapa

Priest (1 episodes)

Michael McGrady
Follow Michael McGrady

Captain Hutchinson (1 episodes)

William Mapother
Follow William Mapother

FBI Agent Chris Franco (1 episodes)

Follow Leo Marks

Greg Rydenour (1 episodes)

Alex Meneses
Follow Alex Meneses

Chi Chi, Mexican Prostitute (1 episodes)

Jonathan Hernandez
Follow Jonathan Hernandez

Chaco (1 episodes)

Marco Rodríguez
Follow Marco Rodríguez

Captain Soco (1 episodes)

Ian Bohen
Follow Ian Bohen

Darrin Hooks (1 episodes)

John Getz
Follow John Getz

Dr. Roger Knowlton (1 episodes)

Cullen Douglas
Follow Cullen Douglas

Sapo (1 episodes)

Rene Rivera
Follow Rene Rivera

Police Officer at Checkpoint (1 episodes)

Channon Roe
Follow Channon Roe

Robber (1 episodes)

Reno Wilson
Follow Reno Wilson

Agent Wilson Wright (1 episodes)

Follow Ismael Carlo

Old Mexican Man (1 episodes)

Sylva Kelegian
Follow Sylva Kelegian

Denise (1 episodes)

Jeremy Becerra
Follow Jeremy Becerra

Fireworks Boy (1 episodes)

Felix Pire
Follow Felix Pire

Osberto (1 episodes)

Lester Speight
Follow Lester Speight

Inmate (1 episodes)

Chelcie Ross
Follow Chelcie Ross

Bishop McMorrow (1 episodes)

Ramón Franco
Follow Ramón Franco

Raul (1 episodes)

Crystal Allen
Follow Crystal Allen

Tia (1 episodes)

Ravil Isyanov
Follow Ravil Isyanov

Wyatt (1 episodes)

Joel Stoffer
Follow Joel Stoffer

Old Man Bagwell (1 episodes)

Denise Crosby
Follow Denise Crosby

Doctor (1 episodes)

Tim De Zarn
Follow Tim De Zarn

Salty Vet (1 episodes)

Conor O'Farrell
Follow Conor O'Farrell

Agent Miller (1 episodes)

Jon Huertas
Follow Jon Huertas

DeJesus (1 episodes)

Kelli Kirkland
Follow Kelli Kirkland

Bank Teller #1 (1 episodes)

Michael Wiseman
Follow Michael Wiseman

Detective Conor Mara (1 episodes)

Keith Szarabajka
Follow Keith Szarabajka

David Baker (1 episodes)

Danielle Di Vecchio
Follow Danielle Di Vecchio

Sylvia Abruzzi (1 episodes)

Charles Van Eman
Follow Charles Van Eman

American Consul (1 episodes)

Joe Sabatino
Follow Joe Sabatino

Hit Man (1 episodes)

Zahra Heydari
Follow Zahra Heydari

Bank Teller #2 (1 episodes)

Katherine Willis
Follow Katherine Willis

FBI Agent Foley (1 episodes)

Lee Reherman
Follow Lee Reherman

Deckard (1 episodes)

Follow Geoffrey Rivas

Sgt. Salinas (1 episodes)

David Clennon
Follow David Clennon

Senator Conrad Dallow (1 episodes)

Jesse D. Goins
Follow Jesse D. Goins

Hotel Manager (1 episodes)

Jennifer Hetrick
Follow Jennifer Hetrick

Elaine Baker (1 episodes)

Brian Poth
Follow Brian Poth

Brian Anderson (1 episodes)

Gabriel Luna
Follow Gabriel Luna

Eduardo (1 episodes)

Mark Chaet
Follow Mark Chaet

Bank Manager (1 episodes)

Sala Baker
Follow Sala Baker

World (1 episodes)

Arianne Martin
Follow Arianne Martin

Assistant (1 episodes)

JB Blanc
Follow JB Blanc

Jerry Curtin (1 episodes)

Gwendolyn Oliver
Follow Gwendolyn Oliver

Passerby (1 episodes)

Joseph Sikora
Follow Joseph Sikora

Sara's boyfriend (1 episodes)

Mike Foy
Follow Mike Foy

Cashier (1 episodes)

Keith Diamond
Follow Keith Diamond

Tim Giles (1 episodes)

Terrance Christopher Jones
Follow Terrance Christopher Jones

Maitre D' (1 episodes)

Dan Braverman
Follow Dan Braverman

Dock Worker (1 episodes)

Lonnie Hughes
Follow Lonnie Hughes

Bodyguard (1 episodes)

Kirk B.R. Woller
Follow Kirk B.R. Woller

Richard Sooter (1 episodes)

Marlon John
Follow Marlon John

Lt. Rice (1 episodes)

Scott Alan Smith
Follow Scott Alan Smith

Neurologist (1 episodes)

Mitchell Laurance
Follow Mitchell Laurance

Tim McGilicuty (1 episodes)

Rebecca Metz
Follow Rebecca Metz

Claudia (1 episodes)

Jamie Renell
Follow Jamie Renell

Ticket Taker (1 episodes)

Tuffy Questell
Follow Tuffy Questell

Flam (1 episodes)

Follow Joe Perez

Clerk (1 episodes)

James Ferris
Follow James Ferris

Brent (1 episodes)

Amy Chaffee
Follow Amy Chaffee

Marjorie Swift (1 episodes)

Rebecca Spence
Follow Rebecca Spence

Shauna Hudson (1 episodes)

Elise Ballard
Follow Elise Ballard

Mom (1 episodes)

Follow Bill Wise

Sundown Hotel Guy (1 episodes)

Follow Hugo Urrutia

Driver (1 episodes)

Michael Weber
Follow Michael Weber

Knowlton (1 episodes)

Mike Siegel
Follow Mike Siegel

Pilot (1 episodes)

Follow Stella Romero

Mrs. Uribe (1 episodes)

Follow Paul Perri

Ivan (1 episodes)

LeRoy Mobley
Follow LeRoy Mobley

Hotel Security Guard (1 episodes)

Edgar Arreola
Follow Edgar Arreola

Bureau Worker (1 episodes)

Jack Watkins
Follow Jack Watkins

Officer Grady (1 episodes)

Hector Atreyu Ruiz
Follow Hector Atreyu Ruiz

Bartender (1 episodes)

Corie Vickers
Follow Corie Vickers

Triage Nurse (1 episodes)

Daniel Ross
Follow Daniel Ross

Matt (1 episodes)

Roberto Sanchez
Follow Roberto Sanchez

Rubin (1 episodes)

John Rosenfeld
Follow John Rosenfeld

Jason Lief (1 episodes)

Follow Jane Yamamoto

Reporter (1 episodes)

Cheryl Lynn Bruce
Follow Cheryl Lynn Bruce

Judge (1 episodes)

David Grant Wright
Follow David Grant Wright

Announcer (1 episodes)

Maritza Guerrero
Follow Maritza Guerrero

Female Doctor (1 episodes)

Andy Hoff
Follow Andy Hoff

Guy #1 (1 episodes)

Hugh Daly
Follow Hugh Daly

Cat Scan Nurse (1 episodes)

William Christian
Follow William Christian

Middleton (1 episodes)

Jad Mager
Follow Jad Mager

Mark (1 episodes)

Follow Sam Pleasant

Jay (1 episodes)

Follow Michael Fraguada

Cantinero (1 episodes)

Travis Willingham
Follow Travis Willingham

Soldier #1 (1 episodes)

Follow Paul Noble

Eric Diamond (1 episodes)

Follow Jimmy Gonzalez

Baggage Area Worker (1 episodes)

Rajni Kareer
Follow Rajni Kareer

Nurse (1 episodes)

Follow Phil Ridarelli

Lyle (1 episodes)

Follow Amy Levin

Pharmacist (1 episodes)

Follow José Antonio García

Jesus (1 episodes)

Chris Krauser
Follow Chris Krauser

Casual Business Man (1 episodes)

Follow Carol Farabee

Patty Wallace (1 episodes)

Mark Oliver
Follow Mark Oliver

Detention Center Official (1 episodes)

Amanda Tosch
Follow Amanda Tosch

Alexa (1 episodes)

Victor Pagan
Follow Victor Pagan

Carlos (1 episodes)

Kevin Will
Follow Kevin Will

Security Guard (1 episodes)

Follow Sandra Marquez

Mrs. Delgado (1 episodes)

Luis Olmeda
Follow Luis Olmeda

Carlos (1 episodes)

Follow Nicolas Iovino

Brian (1 episodes)

Monti Sharp
Follow Monti Sharp

Phil (1 episodes)

Tanner Gill
Follow Tanner Gill

Other Cop (1 episodes)

Joe Basile
Follow Joe Basile

ND Agent (1 episodes)

Brandon Molale
Follow Brandon Molale

Company Guy #1 (1 episodes)

Rod Britt
Follow Rod Britt

Chaplain (1 episodes)

John Bailey
Follow John Bailey

Waiter Convention (1 episodes)

Christopher Berry
Follow Christopher Berry

Chuck (1 episodes)

Darin Heames
Follow Darin Heames

Shep (1 episodes)

Follow Michael Swanner

Motel Manager (1 episodes)

Dominic Pace
Follow Dominic Pace

Soldier #2 (1 episodes)

Follow Patty Silva

Vera Madrid (1 episodes)

David Maldonado
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Bailiff (1 episodes)

Follow Eric Payne

Agent #1 (1 episodes)

Luke King
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B. Fanatic (1 episodes)

Charles Emmett
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Casino Detective (1 episodes)

Follow Aaron Uribe

Computer Guy (1 episodes)

Rey Hernandez
Follow Rey Hernandez

Ernesto (1 episodes)

Follow Tim Ryan

News Anchor (1 episodes)

Follow John Judd

Benjamin Forsik (1 episodes)

Stacy Hall
Follow Stacy Hall

Solo Unit (1 episodes)

Follow David Marriot

Agent #1 (1 episodes)

Lin Oeding
Follow Lin Oeding

Feng's Man #1 (1 episodes)

Tyler J. Olson
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Brian (1 episodes)

Dennis Cockrum
Follow Dennis Cockrum

Stenber (1 episodes)

Denise Lee
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Counselor (1 episodes)

Deb Hiett
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Oren's Secretary (1 episodes)

Pete O. Partida
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Artistic Inmate (1 episodes)

Tommy G. Kendrick
Follow Tommy G. Kendrick

Dive Shop Owner (1 episodes)

Karly Rothenberg
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Clerk (1 episodes)

Adam Del Rio
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Angry Patient (1 episodes)

Follow Geovanni Ventura

Cop (1 episodes)

Follow Darryl Alan Reed

Parking Attendant (1 episodes)

Brian Vestal
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Waiter (1 episodes)

Billy Joe Martinez
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Panama Local #1 (1 episodes)

Bill Stevenson
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Office Worker (1 episodes)

Arturo Byrd
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Cop #1 (1 episodes)

Follow Steve Shearer

Gringo #1 (1 episodes)

Angela Martinez
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Reporter (1 episodes)

Linara Washington
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Jenae Conlin (1 episodes)

David Precopia
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Trooper (1 episodes)

Follow Jo Perkins

Old Blind Lady (1 episodes)

Adam Pilver
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Talking Head (1 episodes)

Derek Ray
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Ted (1 episodes)

Gary Ray Stearns
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Assian (1 episodes)

Lydia Blanco
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Housekeeper (1 episodes)

Yesenia Garcia
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Kalinda (1 episodes)

Ryan Gesell
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Public Defender (1 episodes)

Follow Maria Fonseca Sotolongo

Reporter (1 episodes)

Randy Flagler
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Security Officer (1 episodes)

Patrick Faucette
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Gunman (1 episodes)

Lance Irwin
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Company Guy #2 (1 episodes)

Robert Pralgo
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Agent Holdrich (1 episodes)

Terry Parks
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C.O. Rivers (1 episodes)

Follow Paul Menzel

Medical Examiner (1 episodes)

Thomas Lumberg Jr.
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Agent #2 (1 episodes)

Claudia Barcelo
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Bank Colleague (1 episodes)

Follow Mark Nutter

Cop #1 (1 episodes)

Follow Paul Ramses

Chris (1 episodes)

Shauna McLean
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Waitress (1 episodes)

Follow Alejandro Pedemonte

ND Inmate (1 episodes)

Dylan Kenin
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Clozza (1 episodes)

Kyle McCaffrey
Follow Kyle McCaffrey

Twelve Tear Old #1 (1 episodes)

Bill Doyle
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Lt. Bernitz (1 episodes)

Amanda Rivas
Follow Amanda Rivas

Attractive Woman (1 episodes)

Follow Sylvia Caplan Rawley

Old Woman (1 episodes)

John Walsh
Follow John Walsh

Himself - Presenter of America's Most Wanted (1 episodes)

David Kronawitter
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Assistant Consul (1 episodes)

Follow Julie Berzon

Blonde Woman - Michelle Taylor (1 episodes)

Lanette Fugit
Follow Lanette Fugit

Pool Girl (1 episodes)

Dale Waddington
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Elise (1 episodes)

Jonny Cruz
Follow Jonny Cruz

Inmate (1 episodes)

Brett Brock
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Chet (1 episodes)

John McCalmont
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Driver (1 episodes)

Kendall Clement
Follow Kendall Clement

Cabbie (1 episodes)

Preston James Hillier
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National Guardsman (1 episodes)

Jack O'Donnell
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Upscale Man (1 episodes)

Reece Rios
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Botanical Garden Volunteer (1 episodes)

Marcus M. Mauldin
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Banks' Boy #1 (1 episodes)

Jeff Fenter
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Tommy Day (1 episodes)

Steve Coulter
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Detective (1 episodes)

Derek Anthony
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Security Guard (1 episodes)

Roderick Peeples
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Otto Fibonacci (1 episodes)

Erin Spencer
Follow Erin Spencer

Erica (1 episodes)

Kevin Scott Allen
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Inmate (1 episodes)

Matthew Jones
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Federal Agent (1 episodes)

Erick Gosse
Follow Erick Gosse

Agent Hara (1 episodes)

Follow Paul Wright

Sasha's Father (1 episodes)

Follow Kirk Anderson

Annie the Tranny (1 episodes)

Joel Schmidt
Follow Joel Schmidt

Cop #1 (1 episodes)

Greg Dorchak
Follow Greg Dorchak

Cop #1 (1 episodes)

Follow Tom Eppler

Pawn Guy (1 episodes)

Follow Richard Zavaglia

Mobster Thug (1 episodes)

Miguel Garcia
Follow Miguel Garcia

Guard #2 (1 episodes)

George LePorte
Follow George LePorte

Tech (1 episodes)

Hugo Perez
Follow Hugo Perez

Cab Driver (1 episodes)

S.E. Perry
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Bailiff (1 episodes)

Follow Tom Clark

Keith (1 episodes)

Holger Moncada Jr.
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Debtor (1 episodes)

John Turk
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Turk (1 episodes)

Bruno Gunn
Follow Bruno Gunn

Officer Daley (1 episodes)

Follow Sean McGraw

American Panelist (1 episodes)

Follow Anthony L. Ramirez

Harbor Master (1 episodes)

Allen Warchol
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Liquor Clerk (1 episodes)

Follow Jose Villareal

Officer Roldan (1 episodes)

Kiran Rao
Follow Kiran Rao

Embassy Guard #1 (1 episodes)

Follow Devin Jacobson

EMT #1 (1 episodes)

Janene Carleton
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Female Gate Employee (1 episodes)

Manuel Velazquez
Follow Manuel Velazquez

ND Guard #2 (1 episodes)

Demi Lovato
Follow Demi Lovato

Danielle Curtin (1 episodes)

Lenny Schmidt
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Louis (1 episodes)

Augustin Solis
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Airport Security Guard (1 episodes)

Follow Darius Safavi

College Student (1 episodes)

Jim Klock
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Laser Tech (1 episodes)

Robert C. Moseley Jr.
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Inmate (1 episodes)

Werner Richmond
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Transport Driver (1 episodes)

Dawn Anderson
Follow Dawn Anderson

Shelby (1 episodes)

Larry Neumann Jr.
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Jimmy Bagwell (1 episodes)

Marc Pouhe
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Garden Patron (1 episodes)

Natalie Dickinson
Follow Natalie Dickinson

Kelli Foster (1 episodes)

Follow Bob Hess

Surveillance Chief (1 episodes)

Michael A. Tessiero
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Body Guard (1 episodes)

Follow Danielle Mulligan

Nurse Ana (1 episodes)

Follow Sonny Franks

Jenkins (1 episodes)

J.J. Perry
Follow J.J. Perry

Bodyguard in flashback (1 episodes)

Tron Kendrick
Follow Tron Kendrick

Cop #1 (1 episodes)

Dan Silver
Follow Dan Silver

Local Cop (1 episodes)

Tammy Thomas
Follow Tammy Thomas

Cop #1 (1 episodes)

Darryl Cox
Follow Darryl Cox

Behaviorist (1 episodes)

Follow Michele Renee

Ticket Agent (1 episodes)

Follow Richard Renteria

Clerk (1 episodes)

Sephus Booker
Follow Sephus Booker

C.O. (1 episodes)

Ryan Rutledge
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Krance (1 episodes)

Follow Roddy Chiong

Pao (1 episodes)

Brent Anderson
Follow Brent Anderson

Sheriff Williams (1 episodes)

Van Quattro
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Sheriff #1 (1 episodes)

Tony Armatrading
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Soloman Okella (1 episodes)

Robert Mammana
Follow Robert Mammana

Policeman (1 episodes)

Follow Suzi McLaughlin

Flower Shopkeep (1 episodes)

Mike Gomez
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Panama Jack (1 episodes)

Follow Robert Breuler

Dr. Wasserman (1 episodes)

Follow Josh Ridgway

Tech Guy (1 episodes)

Follow Shelby Davenport

Fed #1 (1 episodes)

Mark Stoddard
Follow Mark Stoddard

Trooper #2 (1 episodes)

Follow Cora Cardona

Sucre's Aunt (1 episodes)

Follow Annabel Armour

Fibonacci's Wife (1 episodes)

Follow Ron Tatar

Gila Hotel Manager (1 episodes)

Al Vicente
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Flaco (1 episodes)

Tatum Shank
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Cop #1 (1 episodes)

Ingrid Sanai Buron
Follow Ingrid Sanai Buron

Office Worker (1 episodes)

Charles Baker
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Camper Guy (1 episodes)

Michael Nanfria
Follow Michael Nanfria

Older Cop (1 episodes)

Follow Alejandro Garcia

Airport Security Guard #2 (1 episodes)

Follow Norman Bennett

Proprietor (1 episodes)

Follow Sam Austin

Cop #1 (1 episodes)

Wayne Lopez
Follow Wayne Lopez

Embassy Guard #2 (1 episodes)

Follow Nick Lopez

Newbie #1 (1 episodes)

Alex Daniels
Follow Alex Daniels

Cop #2 (1 episodes)

Dennis W. Hall
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Motel Clerk (1 episodes)

Chris Freihofer
Follow Chris Freihofer

Agent Montana (1 episodes)

Karin Anglin
Follow Karin Anglin

Angela West (1 episodes)

Bryan Massey
Follow Bryan Massey

Cop #2 (1 episodes)

Carlos Navarro
Follow Carlos Navarro

Police Captain (1 episodes)

Mark Berry
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Detective #1 (1 episodes)

Follow Rebecca Aguilar

Spanish News Anchor (1 episodes)

Amanda Phillips
Follow Amanda Phillips

Young Mother (1 episodes)

Steven Walters
Follow Steven Walters

Gas Station Attendant (1 episodes)

Follow Cara Serber

Woman - President Reynolds' Voice (1 episodes)

Follow Dado Rothenberg

Female Guard (1 episodes)

Follow Cameron Cobb

Junior Lackey (1 episodes)

Frank Maharajh
Follow Frank Maharajh

Embassy Guard #3 (1 episodes)

Follow Mathew Greer

Ticket Checker (1 episodes)

J. Taylor
Follow J. Taylor

Alabama Cop (1 episodes)

Lidia Porto
Follow Lidia Porto

Mrs. Gallego (1 episodes)

Jodie Moore
Follow Jodie Moore

Proprietor (1 episodes)

Follow Romante Archer

Panamanian Inmate (1 episodes)

Chamblee Ferguson
Follow Chamblee Ferguson

Roy (1 episodes)

Follow Theron Touché Lykes

Random Inmate (1 episodes)

Follow Jennifer Almaguer

Young Hooker (1 episodes)

Walter Fauntleroy
Follow Walter Fauntleroy

Younger Cop (1 episodes)

Katie A. Keane
Follow Katie A. Keane

Sara (1 episodes)

Follow Karen Vaccaro

Med Nurse (1 episodes)

Dominic Flores
Follow Dominic Flores

Gordo (1 episodes)

Stuart Greer
Follow Stuart Greer

Hunter (1 episodes)

Grover Coulson
Follow Grover Coulson

Guillermo Prismaticos (1 episodes)

Joe Minoso
Follow Joe Minoso

Chaz Fink (1 episodes)

Tammy Nguyen
Follow Tammy Nguyen

Nurse (1 episodes)

Abel Becerra
Follow Abel Becerra

Pedestrian (1 episodes)

Ben Loggins
Follow Ben Loggins

Customer (1 episodes)

Follow Ethan Alderman

Michael Scofield, Jr. (1 episodes)

Follow Maria Serrao

News Anchor (1 episodes)

Follow Molly Stroud

Teenage Girl (1 episodes)

Clint Jung
Follow Clint Jung

Shan Xing (1 episodes)

Terry Woodberry
Follow Terry Woodberry

Orderly (1 episodes)

Julius Washington
Follow Julius Washington

C.O. #1 (1 episodes)

Follow Ricky Catter

Policeman #1 (1 episodes)

Rachel Cerda
Follow Rachel Cerda

Saleswoman (1 episodes)

Akai Draco
Follow Akai Draco

C.O. (1 episodes)

Follow Allison Tolman

Nurse (1 episodes)

Marcus Hester
Follow Marcus Hester

Tweaker (1 episodes)

Follow Cliff Stephens

Counter Customer (1 episodes)

Follow Eduardo Renteria

Maitre 'D (1 episodes)

Ricki Noel Lander
Follow Ricki Noel Lander

Server (1 episodes)

Nelson Bonilla
Follow Nelson Bonilla

Soldier #2 (1 episodes)

Follow Maria Robles

Panamanian Woman (1 episodes)

Follow Carrie Slaughter

Triage Nurse (1 episodes)

Follow Natalie Solis

Fox News Announcer (1 episodes)

Follow Jorge Alvarez

Panama Cop #3 (1 episodes)

Ray Austin
Follow Ray Austin

Sally Port C.O. (1 episodes)

Jeff Galpin
Follow Jeff Galpin

2nd Chopper Gunner (1 episodes)

Follow Louis Gusemano

Border Patrol Officer (1 episodes)

Follow Jerry Crow

Proprietor (1 episodes)

Will Zahrn
Follow Will Zahrn

Sheriff Nathan Ballard (1 episodes)

Follow Bobby Linkhart

Jimmy Bagwell Jr. (1 episodes)

Maliek Golden
Follow Maliek Golden

Kid (1 episodes)

Follow Ruben G. Rojas

Federale (1 episodes)

Follow Grady McCardell

Local Cop (1 episodes)

Gerardo Davila
Follow Gerardo Davila

Policeman #2 (1 episodes)

Follow J.C. Alvarado

Augusto's Driver (1 episodes)

Ron Gonzalez
Follow Ron Gonzalez

Facility Guard (1 episodes)

Derek Phillips
Follow Derek Phillips

Field Cop (1 episodes)

Kenny Alfonso
Follow Kenny Alfonso

FBI Agent #1 (1 episodes)

Follow Shannon Hughes

Mona - Hooker (1 episodes)

Steve Dargan
Follow Steve Dargan

Coffee Shop Parton (1 episodes)

Morgana Shaw
Follow Morgana Shaw

Ticket Agent (1 episodes)

Follow Martinez

Miami Cop (1 episodes)

Marco Antonio Rodriguez
Follow Marco Antonio Rodriguez

Cop #1 (1 episodes)

Kevin R. Kelly
Follow Kevin R. Kelly

Officer Weston (1 episodes)

Aleisha Force
Follow Aleisha Force

Governor's Assistant (1 episodes)

Marybeth Fisher
Follow Marybeth Fisher

Leslie Steadman (1 episodes)

Cheryl Bricker
Follow Cheryl Bricker

Edison's Wife (1 episodes)

John Robotham
Follow John Robotham

Guard (1 episodes)

Follow Gary Brichetto

Fire Inspector (1 episodes)

Nicole Leigh Verdin
Follow Nicole Leigh Verdin

Waitress (1 episodes)

Follow John Pointer

Soldier #1 (1 episodes)

Follow Irene Cortez

Mexican Maid (1 episodes)

Follow Jane Galloway Heitz

Uppity Clerk (1 episodes)

Omar Leyva
Follow Omar Leyva

Coyote (1 episodes)

Follow Nick Roth

Hitchhiker (1 episodes)

Evan Gamble
Follow Evan Gamble

Teenage Boy (1 episodes)

Kattia Prado
Follow Kattia Prado

Head Nurse (1 episodes)

Todd Terry
Follow Todd Terry

Aide #2 (1 episodes)

Jason Douglas
Follow Jason Douglas

Patrolman (1 episodes)

Carlisle Studer
Follow Carlisle Studer

Grace (1 episodes)

Follow Eddie Bo Smith Jr.

Beefy Orderly (1 episodes)

Danny Pardo
Follow Danny Pardo

Panamanian Commander (1 episodes)

Follow T.A. Taylor

Pickup Truck Driver (1 episodes)

Glenn Bradley
Follow Glenn Bradley

Policeman #2 (1 episodes)

Kenneth Wayne Bradley
Follow Kenneth Wayne Bradley

C.O. #1 (1 episodes)

Lillian Almaguer
Follow Lillian Almaguer

John Abruzzi's Daughter (1 episodes)

Allyn Carrell
Follow Allyn Carrell

Dust Bowl Woman (1 episodes)

Follow Martinez

Miami Cop (1 episodes)

Follow Peggy Roeder

Teller (1 episodes)

Harry Santiago
Follow Harry Santiago

Ramon (1 episodes)

Carlos Guerrero
Follow Carlos Guerrero

Soldier #2 (1 episodes)

Follow Amit Patel

Tech (1 episodes)

Follow Kana LiVolsi

Reporter (1 episodes)

Cameron Lee
Follow Cameron Lee

Feng's Guard (1 episodes)

Follow Clarice Tinsley

News Host (1 episodes)

Follow Claudio Durand

Older Man (1 episodes)

Follow Brad Fleischer

Theo (1 episodes)

David Darlow
Follow David Darlow

Dr. George Brighton (1 episodes)

Follow Ian Belknap

Interviewer (1 episodes)

Follow Nickolas Loquercico

LJ Age 5 (1 episodes)

Follow Ed Spila

Cop #1 (1 episodes)

Denton Blane Everett
Follow Denton Blane Everett

Cop #1 (1 episodes)

Follow Ellis Foster

Zach (1 episodes)

Follow James Meredith

Secret Service Agent (1 episodes)

Follow James Michael Taylor

Ralph, Addict (1 episodes)

Follow Hunter Jablonski

Young Lincoln Burrows (1 episodes)

Scott Westerman
Follow Scott Westerman

Maintenance Guy (1 episodes)

Monet' Mitchell
Follow Monet' Mitchell

Nikki - Hooker (1 episodes)

Follow Rommel Sulit

Doctor #1 (1 episodes)

Follow Beau Dremann

Chicago Cop (1 episodes)

Christine Devine
Follow Christine Devine

News Anchor (1 episodes)

Elimu Nelson
Follow Elimu Nelson

Guard (1 episodes)

Follow Mike Trevino

Alley Cop (1 episodes)

Christopher Lamark
Follow Christopher Lamark

ND Soldier (1 episodes)

Lisa Lamendola
Follow Lisa Lamendola

Flight Attendant (1 episodes)

Follow Elijah Roberts

John Abruzzi's Son (1 episodes)

Eric Lane
Follow Eric Lane

Spider (1 episodes)

Daniel Beck
Follow Daniel Beck

Inmate (1 episodes)

Mike Bacarella
Follow Mike Bacarella

Red Bull (1 episodes)

Julia Sobaski
Follow Julia Sobaski

Woman Dancer (1 episodes)

Jason Riley Hoss
Follow Jason Riley Hoss

Spectator (1 episodes)

Jim Zulevic
Follow Jim Zulevic

ER Doctor (1 episodes)

Follow Kristin McCollum

Thrift Shop Clerk (1 episodes)

Tom Procida
Follow Tom Procida

ND Agent (1 episodes)

Follow Toby Metcalf

Friend #1 (1 episodes)

Follow Jack Gould

Old Farm Guy (1 episodes)

Kelli Clevenger
Follow Kelli Clevenger

Waitress (1 episodes)

Angie Bolling
Follow Angie Bolling

Judge (1 episodes)

Michael Patrick Breen
Follow Michael Patrick Breen

Plain Clothes Detective (1 episodes)

Follow Miguel Nino

Coyote (1 episodes)

Kwame Amoaku
Follow Kwame Amoaku

Stroker (1 episodes)

Follow Lackey Bevis

Teacher (1 episodes)

Christina Hearn
Follow Christina Hearn

Nurse (1 episodes)

Winston West
Follow Winston West

Cop #1 (1 episodes)

Chavez Ravine
Follow Chavez Ravine

Ms. Simmons (1 episodes)

Follow Kiley Wirtz

Princess - Hooker (1 episodes)

Follow David Garza

Faretaker (1 episodes)

Follow Jason Frederick

Corrections Officer (1 episodes)

Noah Podell
Follow Noah Podell

Abruzzi Boy (1 episodes)

Follow Nancy Loo

Herself - Reporter (1 episodes)

Follow Kevin Hill

Black Inmate #1 (1 episodes)

Michael Gohlke
Follow Michael Gohlke

Young T-Bag (1 episodes)

Follow Dan Frick

Bus Attendant (1 episodes)

Bryan McCoy
Follow Bryan McCoy

Horse Owner (1 episodes)

Rafael Zubizaretta
Follow Rafael Zubizaretta

Agent #1 (1 episodes)

Tracey Bonner
Follow Tracey Bonner

Old African American Lady (1 episodes)

Mark Vallarta
Follow Mark Vallarta

Mobster #1 (1 episodes)

Follow Brian Hamman

Maytag (1 episodes)

Bruce A. Young
Follow Bruce A. Young

C.O. #2 (1 episodes)

Josh Tessier
Follow Josh Tessier

Marcel (1 episodes)

Follow Haven Powers

Nurse (1 episodes)

Follow Riley Chambers

Fox River Correctional Officer (1 episodes)

Follow Eddie Malley

Mahone's Driver (1 episodes)

Joshua Gibbons
Follow Joshua Gibbons

William Prall the Pitcher (1 episodes)

Sally Nystuen
Follow Sally Nystuen

Nurse (1 episodes)

Follow Barney Welch

Secret Service Agent (1 episodes)

Tobiasz Daszkiewicz
Follow Tobiasz Daszkiewicz

Transport Guard (1 episodes)

Follow Quinton Boutte

Cashier (1 episodes)

Follow Steve Eagar

Fox News Anchor (1 episodes)

Follow Julian Guevara

Federale #1 (1 episodes)

Brian King
Follow Brian King

Orderly (1 episodes)

Brian Smolensky
Follow Brian Smolensky

Security Guard #2 (1 episodes)

Follow Anthony Moseley

Junior Executive (1 episodes)

Chris Warner
Follow Chris Warner

Sona Guard (1 episodes)

Andrew Borba
Follow Andrew Borba

ER Doctor (1 episodes)

Dennis O'Neill
Follow Dennis O'Neill

Cop #2 (1 episodes)

John Carter Brown
Follow John Carter Brown

Salesman (1 episodes)

Joe Nemmers
Follow Joe Nemmers

Station Cop (1 episodes)

Follow Ray Austin

C.O. #4 (1 episodes)

Paul Saucido
Follow Paul Saucido

Coast Guard Captain (1 episodes)

Follow Natasha Curry

Fox News Anchor (1 episodes)

Follow David McCoy

Adam Diamond (1 episodes)

Follow Eric Shackelford

Defendant #4 (1 episodes)

Melissa Chirello-Wood
Follow Melissa Chirello-Wood

Prisoner's Wife Visiting (1 episodes)

Johnny Echavarria
Follow Johnny Echavarria

Bus Driver (1 episodes)

Follow Jakie Cabe

Group Leader (1 episodes)

Follow Keith Kupferer

Inmate Jersey (1 episodes)

Bruce DuBose
Follow Bruce DuBose

Greg Nagel (1 episodes)

George Mims
Follow George Mims

Kellerman's Aide (1 episodes)

Follow Timothy Walter

C.O. #4 (1 episodes)