Dominic Purcell
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Lincoln Burrows (76 episodes)

Wentworth Miller
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Michael Scofield (76 episodes)

Amaury Nolasco
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Fernando Sucre (76 episodes)

Robert Knepper
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Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell (76 episodes)

Sarah Wayne Callies
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Dr. Sara Tancredi (66 episodes)

Wade Williams
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Brad Bellick (65 episodes)

William Fichtner
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Alex Mahone (55 episodes)

Paul Adelstein
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Paul Kellerman (44 episodes)

Marshall Allman
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LJ Burrows (43 episodes)

Silas Weir Mitchell
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Charles Patoshik (43 episodes)

Rockmond Dunbar
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Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin (39 episodes)

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
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Gretchen Morgan (33 episodes)

Susan B. Anthony

Leon Russom
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General Jonathan Krantz (27 episodes)

Stacy Keach
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Warden Henry Pope (23 episodes)

Henry Pope

Robin Tunney
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Veronica Donovan (22 episodes)

Michael Rapaport
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Don Self (21 episodes)

Peter Stormare
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John Abruzzi (21 episodes)

Phillip Edward Van Lear
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Louis Patterson (21 episodes)

Muse Watson
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Charles Westmoreland (19 episodes)

Barbara Eve Harris
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FBI Agent Felicia Lang (18 episodes)

Jason Davis
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FBI Agent Wheeler (18 episodes)

Patricia Wettig
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Vice President Caroline Reynolds (18 episodes)

President Caroline Reynolds

Woman Cutting Garlic

Vice President of the United States

Menacing Woman in Kitchen

Woman Cutting Vegetables

Christian Stolte
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Corrections Officer Keith Stolte (18 episodes)

Frank Grillo
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Nick Savrinn (17 episodes)

Reggie Lee
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Bill Kim (17 episodes)

Matt DeCaro
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Corrections Officer Roy Geary (15 episodes)

Roy Geary

Lane Garrison
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David Apolskis (15 episodes)

Danay Garcia
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Sofia Lugo (14 episodes)

Mac Brandt
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Corrections Officer Mack Andrews Andrews (14 episodes)

Corrections Officer Mack Andrews

Chris Vance
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James Whistler (13 episodes)

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Daniel Hale (13 episodes)

DuShon Monique Brown
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Nurse Katie Welch (13 episodes)

Robert Wisdom
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Lechero (12 episodes)

Carlo Alban
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McGrady (12 episodes)

Scott Challgren
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Sona Inmate #143 (12 episodes)

Shannon Lucio
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Trishanne (11 episodes)

Miriam Holtz

Laurence Mason
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Sammy (10 episodes)

Callie Thorne
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Pam Mahone (10 episodes)

Cress Williams
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Wyatt (9 episodes)

Stacy Haiduk
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Lisa Tabak (9 episodes)

Camille Guaty
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Maricruz Delgado (9 episodes)

Joe Nunez
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Manche Sanchez (9 episodes)

John Heard
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Governor Frank Tancredi (9 episodes)

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Dede Franklin (9 episodes)

Wilbur Fitzgerald
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Bruce Bennett (9 episodes)

Mark Morettini
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Correctional Officer Rizzo Green (9 episodes)

C.O. Rizzo Green

Dan Sachoff
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Krantz's Aide (8 episodes)

Davi Jay
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Papo (8 episodes)

Cynthia Kaye McWilliams
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Kacee Franklin (8 episodes)

Kaycee Franklin


Steve M. Clark
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Illinois State Trooper (8 episodes)

Illinois State Police

Utah Highway Patrolman

Garden Visitor

Tribune Kansas Police Officer

Cook County Sheriff

Arizona Deputy Sheriff